AI-powered HR: ChatGPT and generative AI for nurturing talent and fostering engagement

November 13, 2023

AI is set to transform HR practices. We are here to help you navigate this new landscape. On November 28, we hosted a webinar on AI powered HR in partnership with our brands Brewer Morris, Carter Murray, Frazer Jones, Keller West and Taylor Root.

The session was led by Saurav Chopra, Co-founder of Perkbox and Founder and CEO of, also known as the “TikTok of workplace learning”.

Saurav has recently led talks on this subject at several HR and learning and development conferences in the UK, Europe and Asia, which were immensely successful and well-received. 

Our webinar covered:

  • Reshaping HR practices with AI
  • Revolutionising talent development and enhancing employee engagement with ChatGPT and generative AI tools
  • Understanding how and when to use AI
  • Leveraging AI to enable continuous learning across the organisation

Presenting alongside Saurav Chopra were The SR Group consultants Asha, Taylor Root and Abi, Frazer Jones.

MEET THE speaker

Saurav Chopra

Serial HR tech entrepreneur
Co-founder of Perkbox and Founder and CEO of

Saurav Chopra is a serial HR tech entrepreneur who loves solving organisational challenges with the power of technology.
He has spoken at leading HR and learning and development conferences and is the recipient of awards such as Barclays Scale Up entrepreneur of the year and the London Business School Accomplished Entrepreneur Award.
Saurav previously co-founded and ran Perkbox, a leading global employee experience platform which helps 5000+ employers in 60+ countries.
His latest venture, also known as the “TikTok of workplace learning,” combines generative AI, micro-learning, gamification and peer learning to deliver a highly engaging and efficient workplace learning experience. 


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