DEI pledge

We strive to provide a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace for our employees, whilst providing a specialised service to our clients and candidates based on the values we hold as a business.

Whilst we are proud of our successes to date, we know we can always do more and we have committed to the creation of the DEI pledges below, which will help shape how we work as a global business moving forward.

A strong DEI programme is a vital component for any company’s long-lasting success, not just our own, and it is imperative that we live our values internally with our colleagues and externally with our clients, candidates and suppliers.

We commit to understanding and acknowledging our diversity profile. We will pro-actively identify the areas requiring improvement and we will both measure and communicate our progress.

We commit to attracting, recruiting, and developing diverse talent.​

We commit to building and maintaining a culture of belonging and inclusion, where everyone can bring their whole self to work, and instances of intolerance or prejudiced behaviour will not ​be accepted.

We commit to building a pipeline of diverse talent to ensure our management and leadership team, and wider workforce, is balanced and reflective of the world ​around us.

We commit to using our platform to positively affect change in the world of work and to always practice inclusive recruitment and promote the benefits of diversity to our clients​

We commit to all of us doing our part and participating in making our company a diverse and inclusive place for our employees to work for and our candidates, clients and suppliers to work with.​

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