A culture shaped around you

Despite being a fast-growing, global company with huge ambitions for the future, we’ve always kept our feet on the ground. 

We are a culture-led company. We give everyone the freedom to shape their own career and to work with autonomy. And above all else, we value collaboration and human relationships. 

So, whether it’s through our agile working policy or our industry-leading career pathway, we offer a progressive place to work for all. 

Agile working

We’re committed to giving you the freedom to work in a way that fits your lifestyle. We all have a life outside of work, and it’s important that we’re able to live it. 

So, whether you want to drop your children at school, go to a gym class or just work when you’re at your most productive, you can do so. 

We want to create the conditions for you to be at your best and happiest, in or out of work. 

Wellbeing and mental health

Every year we run two ‘Wellbeing Weeks’ and release our ‘Mental Health Matters’ magazine. In recognition of everyone’s hard work, we often gift employees paid time off to recharge – for example, around World Mental Health Day – and have signed up to the Mindful Business Charter.  

Proudly, we also give all our people access to six free, independently run counselling sessions a year – and encourage everyone to use them. And we have trained mental health first aiders at many of our global offices. 

We’re passionate about mental health and supporting our employees’ wellbeing at all times.

Throughout the working year we also offer lots of other content and events aimed at supporting mental wellbeing at the workplace, and beyond. 

Time off

We know how important time off is in a fast-paced industry like recruitment. 

So, we’re always closed during December holidays, giving you valuable time to recharge. 

After your first five years of service, we grant an extra ten days of paid leave during the following year – and encourage you to take a month off to do something special. 

And we offer paid time off for volunteering. We’re passionate about giving you the freedom to support the causes that matter most to you. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion

As a recruitment company, we play a vital role in making workplaces more progressive – and as a business, we’re on a journey to becoming the most diverse, inclusive and transparent company we can be. 

Examples of actions we’re taking include membership of the Mindful Business Charter, our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) pledge which sets out pledges to improve our diversity practices, and DEI training for all employees which raises awareness about how we make decisions. 

We also have a dedicated DEI committee, in place to drive change across the company. 

Social and incentives

As a recruitment company, we play a vital role in making workplaces more progressive – and as a business, we’re on a journey to becoming the most diverse, inclusive and transparent company we can be. 

We love bringing our global teams together for giant summer parties too – celebrations that offer something for everyone. 

All offices have their own holiday traditions – like New York’s desk decorating competition, or Australia’s Santa giveaway. 

Then there’s our top biller incentive, which offers cash rewards for our top performers.

We’re also eager to reward anyone who goes the extra mile to champion our culture – and run a quarterly incentive across the business where someone who lives and breathes our values is rewarded. 

Business services

Our business services teams are specialist experts, working collaboratively to help all of us achieve our goals. 

Our marketing teams will support you in creating content, running events and building your personal brand, while our people and development team will nurture your career growth. 

Our finance teams handle anything invoice-related, while our internal recruitment teams all over the world help to keep us growing. Then there’s client services, who’ll help write proposals that win us business, and our legal teams who manage compliance and risk. 

Each brand has dedicated administrative support to keep projects moving, while IT specialists across the group ensure our systems and solutions support our rapidly evolving needs. 

Our business services experts are here to set you up for success. 

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