Diversity, equity and inclusion

We believe that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in recruitment can only progress if we constantly assess our own practices, biases and habits.

So, throughout our business, we’re on a journey of continuous learning. 

Moving the conversation forward 

We’re passionate about DEI and the progressive role we can play as a global search and recruitment company.  

With our reach, connections and influence, we have the opportunity to move the conversation forward – which is something we hope will benefit everyone we encounter.  

We’re on a journey of learning and discovery, where we’re not afraid to ask questions about any part of our business.

And to ensure we’re always moving in the right direction, improving diversity within our recruitment processes and offering the right advice, there are a number of actions we’ve taken and partnerships we’ve established to enact change. 

What we’re doing

Here are some of the key partnerships and initiatives we’ve committed to move DEI forward within our business: 

DEI pledge

We’ve created our DEI pledge – a series of commitments that will shape how we operate globally long into the future

Essential training

We provide mandatory DEI training to all employees, aiming to empower them with a deeper understanding of the factors that influence their decision making 

Purposeful volunteering

We offer volunteering for our employees to connect them with local communities. We’re committed to increasing diversity through focusing on competence and potential, rather than background 

Mental health and wellbeing

We’ve signed up to the Mindful Business Charter, a framework to promote better mental health and wellbeing in the workplace  

Impactful initiatives

We run DEI initiatives around important causes including Neurodiversity Celebration Week, Pride and International Women’s Day  

Social mobility

We work with companies like Resurgo to support social mobility through employment 

DEI committee

We have a dedicated DEI committee that meets monthly to ensure we are hitting various pledges and to report to the board on DEI progress  

Just the beginning

These efforts are just the beginning of our DEI journey, as we work to create a more progressive and inclusive future for everyone who works with or for us. 

Looking to hire in DEI?