Your career journey

We’re passionate about offering careers with purpose at The SR Group. And fundamental to that ethos is our structured career pathway for Recruitment Consultants as well as anyone working across business services, such as HR, IT, legal, marketing, finance, client services and more. 

Opportunity without limits 

Supported by in-house learning and development experts – many of whom have been Recruiters themselves – it’s in place to help new joiners hit the ground running, and those with experience to move into senior and leadership roles. 

Over the years we’ve seen the results of this structured pathway, with many of our most influential managers and leaders having benefited from it directly. 

It offers opportunity without limits, empowering our people to achieve the future they aspire to. 

How it works 

Our pathway for Recruiters begins at entry level with our Resourcing Consultants or Research Recruiters, who help to identify candidates and build networks of talent. 

From there, the next steps up are to become an Associate Consultant or Research Recruiter, and then a Recruitment Consultant. 

And with enough experience and development, you can become a Senior Consultant. This comes with more responsibility, including an elevated role in business development and cross-selling. 

Beyond that, we offer the freedom for employees to decide whether they want to move into a people management or billing only route. This is a hallmark of our pathway, ensuring that our people can move in a direction that suits their personality, skills and goals. 

The career pathway carries on all the way to Partner level, offering a limitless and transparent route through the company. It’s an end-to-end path that has seen countless Recruitment Consultants become senior leaders already. 

For business services we have career pathways to match your chosen discipline, whether this be IT, finance, marketing, client services, legal, administration or people and development. You will find support at every step in your career journey, including a wealth of training modules to help guide you as you take on more senior opportunities. 

Learning and development 

You won’t find off-the-shelf trainee schemes and tired training models here.   

With our dedicated, in-house learning, we pool resources across The SR Group to ensure best-in-class learning and development throughout your career. Our highly experienced teams provide a local and global network of mentorship opportunities.  

And because we know growth comes from looking beyond ourselves, we also invest in external expertise to offer a different perspective on your development. 

Examples of our training initiatives include a structured 12-week learning and development plan for anyone early in their recruitment career, as well as leadership training offered to all managers globally, helping you to fine-tune your skills. 

In addition, we offer tailored development programmes for more experienced new starters, ensuring that everyone gets exactly the support they need to excel – as well as LinkedIn Learning for all employees, globally. 

Management style

It’s an autonomous model, where you’re given the freedom to get the job done, your way. But of course, the guidance of all our experienced leaders is always there. 

We review performance against your goals throughout the year, and we run regular check-ins as well as monthly updates on how you’re tracking against your goals. 

It’s an approach we take across all our recruitment brands, and it’s been pivotal in our successes at an individual and wider business level. 


We don’t just support international transfers between our network of global offices – we actively encourage them.

Our approach to management is built around empowerment. We may well shape the ‘what’, but you’ll be in charge of the ‘how’.   

Relocations are offered frequently, between London, New York, Sydney and beyond. They’re life-changing moves that are fantastic for your career, and our company. 

And we support you every step of the way, helping you to navigate all the admin and jump through all the hoops, so you can hit the ground running in your new home. 

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