Samantha Cosner – The corporate athlete #IWD2023

March 13, 2023
Samantha Cosner, Recruiter at Brewer Morris

Samantha Cosner is a recruiter with Brewer Morris, working in the public accounting sector on the West coast. She grew up playing softball, running track, and lifting weights – she first picked up a barbell at 12 years old. Her early career was spent in personal training, and she transitioned from health coaching to recruiting in 2021. The competitive drive that started early on never left, and staffing is a great way for Samantha to keep competing.

What have sports meant to you?

Team and individual sports shaped my childhood and adolescence. It taught me the value of hard work and patience, as well as team work and how to lose well. I learned to trust coaches, teammates, those who cared about my improvement, my performance, my wellbeing. Growing up as an athlete helped me take on challenges that take time and persistence. Delayed gratification is a hard earned skill set, and learning that early in life set me up with a strong mindset in all areas of my life.

What characteristics do you think female athletes possess that translate well to leadership in a corporate environment?

I think many female athletes can relate to working well in a team, and driving for outcomes. No matter how strong a team is, there is bound to be friction at some point – navigating tough times with teammates is an invaluable skill. It allows for continued progress toward a common goal, regardless of personal opinions. There is also a lot to be said about practice – laying strong foundations in silence, and letting the success come when it’s time to perform. Having a mindset around consistently doing the foundational work is something most athletes bring with them into their work. Strategizing is a strength that sports can bring into the mix – understanding which teammate does what very well, and playing to their strengths can give athletes an edge in the corporate world.

What lesson have you learned the hard way?

I’ve learned the hard way that even if you do your part, and do it well, things can still fall apart. You cannot control every aspect of every situation. Taking losses to heart doesn’t serve you – dust off and keep moving. Spending too much time and energy wishing for a different outcome serves no purpose. Of course we can learn in hindsight, and often gain valuable insights about ourselves and how we could have moved differently, but always with a forward focus.  

What is the main lesson you have learned from the sporting world that has contributed to the success in your corporate life?

The secret ingredient is always trying again. No matter what. After every win, after every loss, try again. There will forever be new insights, small ways to keep improving, lessons about your craft along the way. Regardless of how you feel in the moment, show up, and keep going. 

Do you have a go-to quote that gives you inspiration in your sports and/or professional life?

The only way around is through.

Robert Frost

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