What is currently the talent most in demand?

Author Michael Illert
February 1, 2023

Looking through the last three months of vacancy data across our operations, I compared the relative number of mandates per skill pool to the relative speed to success. This gives a very interesting insight where we see hiring demand versus available talent.

Where are we seeing the most activity?

Across the corporate functions we cover, we are most busy within legal, risk and compliance. Within these there is a real shortage of talent available, thus often making recruitment processes slow.

Our second busiest area is HR, and here speed to success is much faster. However, there are variations within the HR market. Tax, treasury and finance is our third busiest market, followed by sales and marketing. The most difficult talent to currently secure are associates in law firms, generalist HR professionals across all levels, business development experts and accounting specialists.

Marketing and sales

We currently see the highest demand around generalist marketing roles followed by business development, with the latter being more challenging from a candidate perspective. Digital skill sets are still in demand with limited talent available.

Tax, treasury and finance

As our brand Brewer Morris is the specialist in the tax market you would expect a huge part of our activity to be in tax. However, treasury and accounting roles are equally in high demand. All areas have small talent pools, making accessing talent often challenging.

Legal, compliance and risk

Unsurprisingly the associate market within law firms remains the highest priority in the legal market followed by in-house counsel roles and then compliance. Across the corporate spectrum, availability of relevant talent within these skill pools is one of the most challenging.

HR, reward and payroll

Within the wider HR market, generalist profiles from entry to executive level are the most in demand. Very encouragingly, talent acquisition mandates remain the second highest across our portfolio. This is a clear sign how much companies are still struggling to secure the talent they need. In general, talent across HR seems to be much more active than across the other skill pools mentioned above.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you require more detailed data for any of these areas or if we can support you with your talent and recruitment needs.