Executive Search

Identifying talent for the most critical leadership roles   

Executive roles have significant impact on the value creation journey. We work with you to identify the key skills and subsequently executive talent to maximisze the impact on the business. 

Only 13% of HR leaders say mapping talent to value is a top business priority

Of failed mergers are the result of poor people planning

90% of top businesses have built bold action around talent

Our executive search process 

Role profiling 

Together we identify the key skills, experience, aptitudes and attitudes to maximise the value lever of the role. 

Market mapping 

Based on the core requirements we build a go-to-market strategy to identify and engage relevant talent. 


We use a combination of competency-based techniques and psychometrics to assess executive talent. 

Market data 

Throughout the process we will continuously provide you with relevant market data to give you deep insight into the talent market. 

Offer management 

Naturally, we will support you throughout the entire process and will engage with the target talent until their onboarding and beyond. 

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Our Executive Search offering

Critical skills, experience,  attitudes and  aptitudes 

The bulk of corporate value is driven by a few key roles in each organisation. Some of these roles are instrumental in the strategic process of identifying opportunity and others are fundamentally important to enable your business to size the very same. To have the right talent in these roles is mission critical. To identify the right talent, it is paramount to analyse first what the critical skills, experience, attitudes and aptitudes are to maximise the value creation lever of the particular role.  


We focus on a skills first search process, in contrast to only identifying individuals in a similar role at a competitor. According to Bain & Company, skills-first criteria are five times more predictive of future performance than educational background and two and a half times more predictive than experience. Psychometric assessment offers additional insight and can flag derailment risk. 

Market data 

Each search process will offer you a window into the external talent market. Throughout the mapping, approach and assessment stages we collect a raft of information which will give you key insights into the talent market and your business. We will continuously share these data points with you and use them as a basis to adjust the approach if needed.  

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