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The advantages of sourcing temporary employees are clear. Originally, the main focus was on outsourcing of the employer’s risk. This trend has been shifting for a number of years. The change in demographics and thus the apparent candidate short markets have refocussed the need for temping solutions. Whether it is flexibly increasing staffing levels, managing large scale change projects or covering for other leaders, there are now a number of reason to use temporary solutions. Especially in Germany, temping is the best, and most importantly, legally compliant alternative to contracting or freelance arrangements.

At The SR Group we are specialised recruiters for experts and leaders. The recruitment of such talent requires great resources in HR departments if not outsourced. Our highly specialised consultants who have relevant long-term experience are able to offer a truly consultative service far beyond the introduction of great candidates.

Our services range from short-term assignments to complex long-term projects on all corporate levels. As the group offers permanent and temporary solutions we have excellent candidate networks and are always able to offer excellent talent for your recruitment needs.

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