My placement year

June 28, 2022

Having studied French and Spanish at Durham University, I knew I enjoyed communicating with others and wanted to incorporate a level of people-facing interaction into my professional career.

I was attracted to recruitment for its potential to support individuals in finding their dream role, whilst working in a fast-paced, highly varied environment. I knew I wanted to work at The SR Group as the business is truly committed to supporting development and growth. The collaborative nature between consultants is second-to-none.

In my time here, I have learnt how to build authentic and meaningful relationships with my clients, candidates and the other consultants in The SR Group. I have learnt the importance of being patient and considering the bigger picture, whilst understanding the need to work efficiently and proactively. And finally, as an HR-Recruitment Specialist, I have learnt so much about the HR industry itself, I understand the need for a modern people function in the 21st century, helping me become a market expert.

I previously worked as a Translator but I have never looked back on my transition to recruitment. This is a multi-faceted career which is multifaceted. You can truly individualise, building out your own personal brand and pathway. The positive impact you can have on individuals is never understated nor underappreciated. I look forward to continuing this whilst developing my own recruitment journey.

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