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Monday, 9 March 2020

09:00 AM

Friday, 13 March 2020

05:00 PM

Crazy 5 in FIVE 2020

5 half marathons in 5 days

Are you crazy enough to join us? The Crazy 5 in Five is coming back for the third time!

We are excited to announce the launch of the award winning global SRG Crazy 5 in FIVE! March 9th – 13th 2020, and to extend a warm invitation to our Taylor Root, Brewer Morris, Frazer Jones, & Carter Murray client as our VIP Crazy Friends. The event is free to enter.

To those of you who joined in March 2016 & 2018, you will remember the week with affection, pain, and excitement. In 2018 we had over 150 people taking part including our VIP Crazy Friends and all our global offices. We raised over £22,000 for Sport Relief & our chosen charity partner – Resurgo.

This year there are five options to choose from. Pick one that suits you and join the Crazy!

What are your options?

Option 1* - Ultra Crazy
4 half marathons + a full marathon on Friday

Option 2 - Crazy
5 half marathons in 5 days

Option 3 - Flexible Crazy
Run 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 half marathons

Option 4 - Half Half Crazy
Run 11km

Option 5- Crazy Relay
Be part of a 4 person relay team (5.5km each )

All runs are done in pace groups, so you are with people of your pace. We don’t race these – it’s a nice jog / run, unless you are crazy and race it. FREE training and coaching will be offered in preparation for this event.

This year we are also introducing a competition for our VIP Crazy Friends. There will be prizes awarded for:

  • Fastest 3 times per team
  • Most mileage covered by each team
  • Most fundraising achieved per team

The following will be awarded to you free of charge:

  • Training plans for total beginners and experienced runners
  • Running tops
  • Free breakfast goodie bags
  • The joy of running half marathons with friends / colleagues
  • A free 21km tour of the best sights in your city   
  • The feeling of achievement and elation as you achieve your goals  

I hope that in 2020 we will have the largest turn out from the company and also from our VIP Crazy Friends.

If you are interested in finding out more, or would like to sign up, please email Leila here or call on 020 73329619.

*Due to the effort of running a full marathon there is a qualifying criteria to be able to take part in option 1.

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