My SR Group journey

June 28, 2022

Like most graduates, I finished my degree and had little idea on where I was going to take my career and what I wanted to do. I studied at the University of Liverpool and came out with a joint degree in Classical Studies and Criminology; not a combination you see every day!

I wanted a role that would stretch me but had comprehensive training. I also looked for something forward-facing and relationship driven but the space to do it in my own way. I wanted career progression but a route that suited me. Recruitment has given me all of this and more.

For the vast majority, recruitment isn’t something that you set out to do. Most of us end up falling into it and staying. Before joining The SR Group, recruitment had been a path I stayed away from because I had fallen into the perceived thought that it was driven by key performance indicator (KPI) driven and sales focused.

Working at The SR Group has completely changed my perspective on recruitment and has allowed me to build an incredibly strong skillset across multiple areas. The company offers fantastic work-life flexibility, an extensive training programme and the chance to progress in different routes that suit you – whether that’s within recruitment or across other areas of the company.

On a personal note, I have seen myself grow extensively since I joined in 2021. I have been pushed to work autonomously and grow my personal brand in the manner that suits me, which is very rare when starting out in any company. My confidence, professionalism and teamwork have greatly increased and the support I receive is rooted in where I want my career within the company to extend to. Therefore, it’s easy to say I’ve learnt a lot and am pleased about my decision to move into recruitment as it is a fantastic first step on the career ladder.


Olivia Nardell

Associate Consultant | Treasury


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