Run explanations: 13.1 miles to be completed in 2 hours

To run 13.1miles in 2hours you will be running each mile in 9minute 9sec.

Long Slow Run – (LSR)
You add no more than 10minutes each week. After building up for 4 weeks you stay put for a couple of weeks to get used to that distance

Easy Pace Recovery Run (EPR)
Very nice and easy run to get lactate out of your legs and feel refreshed again, just relax and enjoy, don’t worry of pace or distance

Tempo Run (TR)
You warm up for 1mile and then you go at a harder hard pace like you were racing a 10km (so quicker than for the Crazy 5 in 5) consistently for whatever is required. Ie Tempo Run 5miles = 1mile warm up then 4miles at hard race pace. For the Crazy 5 in 5 you should try and run 45minute – 1hr run at 8minute 30sec pace if not faster.

Race Pace Run (RPR)
This is where you start practicing running at your race pace. So for the Crazy 5 in 5 you need to run it in 2hours. Your mile pace should be 9minute 09sec / mile. So if it states “5mile RPR” this means 1mile warm up then 4miles at race pace.

This is where you run much shorter bursts but at a much faster pace. The crucial thing is that each interval has to be run at the same speed. Intervals are great for increasing your overall pace and also great for weight loss as well! i.e. if the session states 6 x 800m (2minutes). You are to do 6 x 800m with 2minutes rest in between each one. But each 800m must be done at the same speed. So you have to find your hard pace, but one that you can hang on to each rep.
You may have to do 4 x 1mile (1600m), so you wont be able to do them as fast as you do the 800m. You need to start getting practiced in your speed pacing. Use you iphone or a stopwatch to track the distance so you know exactly how far to run and track your time.

Hills Run (HR)
If you live in an area that has hills then this will give you speed and pace beyond anything else!! But the flip side is that they hurt like hell, but you feel amazing once you have done the session.
Find a 45minute route that takes you over about 4 or 5 hills. Every time you get to each hill go up it as hard as you can, then run down it and do it again before heading off to your next hill. So if there are 4 hills on your route you will go up them hard 8 times in total.

All of the above information has been written taking into account a certain level of fitness to start with. If you are not sure then before taking on this challenge you must seek medical advice. If, at any time during your training you feel unwell, dizzy or feel pain anywhere then you must stop immediately.