Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully the below FAQs should cover everything you need to know. If not, please get in touch with Leila Hudson or Tiffany Gumbrell.

What will it entail?
- Running either 1, 2,3,4, or 5 half marathon distance runs in 5 consecutive days
- Mon - Thurs (19th-23rd March) will commence at 7:15am. Friday (23rd March) will commence at 2:45pm

What is the course?
- A route has been mapped out taking in both the north and south embankment, Westminster, St James Park, Buckingham Palace, Green Park and Hyde Park

How many taking part?
- Currently we have 100 people taking part

What time does it start each day?
- 7:15am each morning. 2:45pm on the Friday

Will I be left on my own?
- No. we are all running this together in a group. You will have to train so that you can run 13.1 miles in 2 hours

How much training do I need to do?
- You need to be able to run a half in 2 hours and no longer. If you are wishing to join in with The Crazy Group then you must be able to run 5 Half marathon every day in 2 hours
- If you follow the training plans this will be easily doable

How much money do I need to raise?
- We will have one joint Virgin Money page whereby you can send it out to your friends and family. There is no minimum amount required. Just raise as much as you can via our site

Is there an entry fee?
- No

What will I have to wear?
- What you normally run with. It must be comfortable. We will have branded running tops for the event itself which we will ask you to wear

Where will it start?
- At Millennium Bridge, on the North side

If I am running in a relay how do I get back from the half-way point?
- Take your tube pass so you can jump on the tube. There is a tube next to the half way marker. You will be required to pay for your own travel

If I am running the relay and doing the second part where do I need to go?
- The half-way point is very close to a Hyde Park Tube Station. You will need to walk along the bottom of Hyde park to warm up
- As soon as we have set relay teams and closer to the time everyone will be given maps and the half-way point will be marked clearly

Where will the run end?
- As we run over the Millennium bridge on the north side

Do I have to complete within a certain time?
- You need to be able to run the half in 2 hours

Does the weather impact the run?
- We run in any conditions

What are the shower facilities?
- There are two showers in the basement of 95 QVS. If you are a member of Fitness First please use these showers so others can use the building ones

Will food / drink be provided?
- It is your responsibility to ensure you have eaten your normal breakfast and to carry running gels if you need them
- We will have supporters at the half way mark handing out water
- It is your responsibility to ensure you have enough food for afterwards

Do I need to run all 5?
- No, absolutely not! Run 1 or 2 or 5. It’s up to you how many you run
- You can run half a half every day if you wish

What if I can’t finish the 13.1 miles?
- We will all be running together so if you can’t finish then you can jump on the tube
- Don’t forget to take your tube pass with you on each run

Do I have to work in the office afterwards?!
- Well unless you use up holiday days, then yes! We are all expected to be back in the office and business as usual for the week!

How do I raise the money? Which website link?
- We have the Virgin Money site all set up –

All of the above information has been written taking into account a certain level of fitness to start with. If you are not sure then before taking on this challenge you must seek medical advice. If, at any time during your training you feel unwell, dizzy or feel pain anywhere then you must stop immediately.