Fabian Kluge - Taylor Root

Fabian studied business law at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne and worked for Taylor Root as a Researcher alongside his studies. Following his graduation in 2015, he now works as a Research Consultant for Taylor Root in Düsseldorf and is responsible for sourcing candidates in Germany and continental Europe.

We asked Fabian some questions about his experience on working for Taylor Root:

How long have you been with Taylor Root for?

In total, 3 years. I spent one year as a student temp and have been full-time for almost two.
What is your main responsibility within the business?
My main responsibility is to source candidates for Taylor Root’s In-House assignments and help to fill positions successfully.

What attracted you to Taylor Root?

I was particularly interested to work with legal and compliance professionals. I studied business law and therefore was keen to get to know more about the market and the people who work in it. Furthermore, I really like that we work with different people every day and that we can help them to take their career to the next step.

Are there any particular benefits that attracted you to join the company?

I think the most important things to me are that you can be very independent in structuring your work and daily responsibilities. You are also surrounded by a lot of open-minded, friendly and ambitious colleagues who are willing to help you in any situations or on any questions you might have.

What advice would you offer to anyone who is thinking of joining the business?

Have a good think about what kind of company you would like to work for. What would make you succeed? In my opinion, it is really important to offer and receive support, especially in a business like recruitment, which is often associated with a shark tank! It is important to have colleagues around you who help you to be successful. I see a lot of team work within The SR Group, not only within the brands, but across teams, countries and continents. I think this is what makes us who we are.

What has been your most memorable moment within the group?

The most memorable moment within the group for me was when I had my first day as student temp. The way everyone approached me, fascinated me. Even though I have just been a little student, not knowing anything about recruitment, everyone was so interested in me as a person. Everybody took their time to talk to me and get to know me and really started to build a strong relationship to me from the beginning on. Everyone was really part of taking me on board and making me a part of the group. I think this is also why clients and candidates like to work with us. We really work hard to find the best solution for them and build a long-term relationship with them, with an honest approach and an expertise knowledge about our markets.